uploading by dropbox

dropbox has been discontinued

*Attention customers who frequently use this, please call us at 299-9594 and we will help you submit files to us with a new method, sorry for any inconvenience


•Best for higher resolution files (60mb max)

•You receive an email confirmation when your order uploads sucessfully.

drop box instructions


 about the drop box:

Use the drop box to upload your order using your browser to transfer your images through an HTML upload. Up to a 60mb file has been tested for uploading, but this form has been designed for 20mb. Depending on your browser settings and internet connection speed, uploading may time-out when trying to upload more than 20mb.

Uploading your image(s) (STEP 1):

    1. Click the "browse" button and select the location of your image on your computer in the pop up window. Once your file is selected click the "open" button.
    2. Then you will see the location (path) of where the image is in the box to the left of the "browse" button.
    3. Repeat step one and two until you have all your files selected or until all 10 fields are filled.
    4. You now need to upload the image(s) by clicking on the button "add files" right below the image location box.
    5. An uploading box will pop up letting you know that your image is uploading.
    6. Once it’s done uploading you will see the image(s) you uploaded listed on top of the page (above the "step 1" bar).
    7. Since you can only select 10 files at a time repeat the above steps to add more.

HINT: You can zip (compress) a whole bunch of images into one file.

NOTE: Once your files are uploaded you must continue with the rest of the form.  We will not receive your order until all 3 steps have been completed.

Processing order information (STEP 2):

    1. Type in any special instructions in the box. How many prints, size, and finish.
    2. If you select shipping you must contact the lab for pre-payment.

Your information (STEP 3):

  1. If this is your first time, you must fill in your contact information.

NOTE: If you already created your account, click on the "log in link "and enter your username and password you created previously. Your customer information will appear in the form below (The form will auto fill-in with the information you typed in last time).

  1. First time users: make up a username and password, which you will remember for next time.
  2. And finally, to complete the upload process click the submit button.
  3. Done. You will see a confirmation page and you should also receive an e-mail.

Still need more help:

Contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions about this form or if you would like your order within 6 business hours.

Macs: Your file name needs to have an extension.

505-299-9594 or digital@pixperf.net